Sunday, April 8, 2012

MOPLA at OCC with Philipp Scholz Rittermann

yesterday i attended a discussion with philipp scholz ritterman at the robert b. moore theater in OCC. part of MOPLA, ritterman talked about his project, "emperor's river," which documented the way of life along china's grand canal.

Rittermann’s panoramic images portray the often jarring contrasts of history and modernity, rural terrain and burgeoning metropolises of this rapidly developing country. -from Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

although i originally attended the discussion for extra credit, in the end i considered myself very lucky to have had a glimpse into ritterman's thoughts and process while making his work. if i had seen his work outside of this realm, i wouldn't have known his images were composed of multiple exposures. since learning about andreas gursky back in college, i've come to admire images made in a similar fashion.

after the discussion, i headed over to the opening and reception at the frank m. doyle arts pavilion. it's been a long time since i've attended an opening at a gallery - it's really something i need to do more often. attending the opening brought me back to the night i had my senior exhibition at UCI.

i need more inspiration.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

the road to coachella

metal art by deb1edeb
metal art, a photo by deb1edeb on Flickr.
oh, coachella. how you've grown over the years.

i faintly remember the early years of the coachella valley music and arts festival - i was in college and the thought of spending an entire weekend in the desert was appealing, but out of my means (although i did find the time to go to raves, but that's another story).

then one day the boyfriend came along and attending concerts was something we've always done.

Coachella 2005 Lineup
2005 marked my first coachella experience - back in the day when one-day tickets were sold instead of entire (multiple) weekends.  the boyfriend and i set out to see weezer on saturday, april 30th and spent the night camping on-site.

Coachella 2007 Lineup
2007 was our next experience.  our goal was to watch rage against the machine on sunday, april 29th.  i remember having an important work luncheon the next day, so it made for an interesting weekend.

Coachella 2012 Lineup
now we've arrived at 2012 - the first year of multiple weekends with identical lineups.  when presale tickets were first announced, prior to any sort of lineup, the boyfriend and i jumped at the chance and scored tickets for weekend 1.

one thing i regret is my lack of photos from the events.  in 2005 i took a good amount, but was limited by my shutter-lagged olympus c750 ultra zoom.  in 2007 i was just lazy.  this year, my goal is to shoot, shoot, shoot.  i'll be there for 3 days and it'll be HOT.  the key for me is to stay hydrated and not get sick (i had a small cold both years).  i hope i don't get burned out.

let's do this.  2 more weeks.

Friday, March 30, 2012

imaging with photoshop: assignment 2

urban life 1 by deb1edeb
urban life 1, a photo by deb1edeb on Flickr.
a couple of weeks ago, assignment 2 was due for class. for this assignment, we were tasked with shooting images that represented "urban life."

urban life 2 by deb1edeb
urban life 2, a photo by deb1edeb on Flickr.
our instructor left the definition of "urban life" fairly open, with no wrong or right answer. i had a much greater vision for my depiction of "urban life," but of course i didn't get those shots. instead, i depicted fun in the middle of a sprawling mall (ferris wheel in the irvine spectrum mall) and the never-ending growth and expansion in southern california. the basic goal of the assignment was to convert them from color to grayscale in photoshop. easy enough.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

filipinos in hawai'i

homemade calding by deb1edeb
homemade calding, a photo by deb1edeb on Flickr.
last year, i was contacted by a professor at the university of hawai'i at manoa that wanted to use a photo posted on my flickr account.  i was excited, but soon realized i wasn't the one that took the photo - it was the boyfriend.  still cool, right?

the professor was working on a pictorial of the history of filipinos in hawaii and wanted to include the photo in the book.  i'm happy to say that the book was published at the end of last year!  i haven't seen the finished product yet.  i just placed an order and can't wait to see it!

filipinos in hawai'i by theodore s. gonzalves
© 2011 arcadia publishing

update: i just did a google book search via the arcadia publishing website and found the photo!  it appears on page 29.

photo was taken in 2008 after the boyfriend's cousin got married.  family members and friends were preparing food (calding is goat).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

imaging with photoshop: assignment 1

urban landscape by deb1edeb
urban landscape, a photo by deb1edeb on Flickr.
i haven't had the chance to really talk about how photoshop class is going.

it's going.

these past few weeks have been difficult. the work hasn't been difficult, but i've had to miss some classes for personal reasons. we had our first assignment due last thursday, but i rushed to turn it in early since i knew i was going to miss the actual day it was due in class. rushing to turn it in early was a bit hectic, but that's another story.

this is the first assignment. we had to shoot an urban landscape and bracket. once uploaded, we chose the photo with the best overall exposure and located the black point, white point, textured shadow, and textured highlight in photoshop. after printing, we had to circle those points and write in the RGB values. no editing. simple enough.

as for the photo itself, i'll be honest. i was in a rush. i would have loved to shoot a much more dramatic urban landscape, but you know how it goes. life gets in the way.

next assignment will be converting color images to grayscale. our images need to depict "urban life." hope the shoot will be much more interesting.
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